Shaping of policy

Besides making laws, the Landtag sees itself more and more as a place to discuss any issues which occur due to changes and developments in the living conditions of its citizens, as can be clearly seen in the parliamentary activities of the other state parliaments in Germany as well. This corresponds with the role of the Landtag as forum for political decision-making.

In many cases, this decision-making manifests itself in petitions for resolutions and other proposals directed to the state government, in particular enactment. With such petitions the Landtag fulfills its democratic and constitutional obligation to resolve important issues on its own and especially regulate such circumstances that are essential for safeguarding the basic rights of the people.

This will be even more applicable in the future for those areas of life, where new issues have to be addressed as in environmental protection or media and due to technical advancements. At the same time, the Landtag strives to face the risk of excessive judicialization by law. This corresponds with how the Landtag now perceives its role of concentrating on essential issues, limiting itself to fundamental resolutions and refraining from attempting to regulate details.