The State of Parliament of Thuringia - Role and Duties

Carius Christian
Christian Carius, President of Thuringia’s Landtag

Welcome to the website of Thuringia’s Landtag!

I cordially invite you to take a look at our website so that you may get a general idea about the roles and duties of Thuringia’s Landtag or state parliament! The Landtag forms the political center of Thuringia, which in turn is situated in the geographical center of Germany. The state parliament is the highest organ of democratic decision-making. It exercises its legislative authority, elects the minister president and monitors how the executive authority is practiced. The Landtag is elected for a period of five years. Its members represent all the citizens of the Free State. They are not bound by agendas and directives; instead they act according to their own conscience.

Although parliamentarianism enjoys a long-standing tradition in Thuringia, the Landtag in its current form has only been in place since 1990. As a result of the peaceful revolution of 1989, the people of Thuringia earned the right to determine how the parliament will be made up and the focus of politics through free, equal and secret elections. In light of experiencing a lack of freedom, the meaning of democracy is especially vital in Thuringia. This awareness also characterizes the work of the Landtag.

You are cordially invited not only to gather information about the Landtag online, but also to personally visit the Free State of Thuringia and its parliament! I look forward to your visit!

Christian Carius
President of Thuringia’s Landtag